Hacker breaks in to PM's web site

Hacker breaks in to PM's web site
Hacker breaks in to PM's web site 


Hackers broke into the web site of the Prime Minister's Chancellery last 
night, the second time this week that a government site has come under 

On one of the subpages of the web site the hacker wrote: "This is a 
second break-in and yet more evidence that the security of state 
institutions in Poland is not going in the right direction".

The hacker also wrote that he is not just an attention seeker, that he 
is not going to attack more web sites and... gave regards to the PM.

This is a second hacker attack this week: on Wednesday hackers broke 
into the external service of the Ministry of Labour.

Zbigniew Urbanski of the national police force told the Polish Radio 
Information Agency that for the time being it remains unknown whether 
both attacks were done by the same hacker. Currently IT experts are 
checking traces that were left during the break-in.

Urbanski said that the perpetrator could face up to eight years 
imprisonment for attacking governmental web sites. (jm)

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