Notorious eBay hacker arrested in Romania

Notorious eBay hacker arrested in Romania
Notorious eBay hacker arrested in Romania

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By Dan Goodin
The Register
18th April 2008

Vladuz, the notorious hacker who repeatedly accessed off-limits parts of 
eBay's network and then publicly bragged about it, has been arrested, 
the online auctioneer says.

The hacker was arrested by Romanian law enforcement officials with the 
help of the US Secret Service, the FBI and eBay's global fraud 
investigation team, eBay said. The company wouldn't discuss additional 
details, and representatives from the Secret Service and the FBI 
couldn't be reached for comment.

According to Romanian news reports here and here, Vlad Constantin 
Duiculescu, 20, was arrested in a communist-era housing project in 
Bucharest. A court in that city remanded the suspect in custody for an 
initial 29 days.

Vladuz came to the public spotlight last year after acquiring 
credentials that allowed him to access employee-only sections of eBay's 
network. The breach allowed him to masquerade as an official eBay 
representative in user forums. Although he never offered proof, the 
hacker claimed to have the ability to gain full access to restricted 
parts of eBay.

The company strongly disagreed, saying Vladuz penetrated only limited 
parts of the system and never accessed sections where it handled 
administrative functions of the storage of credit card numbers.

Whatever the case, the breaches were an embarrassment to a company 
founded on the trust and safety of its members and fueled speculation by 
a small but vocal number of users that the hacker had built a backdoor 
into the system.

According to news reports, eBay pegged the total amount of damage caused 
by Vladuz at $1m. Undercover eBay investigators closed in on Duiculescu 
by pretending to be interested in buying one of his applications. He was 
arrested after he gave them his real address. =C2=AE

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