Infosec: Security community must work together

Infosec: Security community must work together
Infosec: Security community must work together 

By Iain Thomson at Infosec Europe 2008
22 Apr 2008

Microsoft has called on companies to work together to improve overall 
security, and not just rely on the police to do it for them.

Ed Gibson, Microsoft's chief security advisor in the UK, said during his 
keynote at Infosecurity Europe 2008 that security affects the entire 
industry and that companies must work together.

"We have a good set of laws in place and they have teeth. But the police 
have priorities and budgets set by the Home Office," he said.

"We do not want to have our cars stolen or be mugged in the street, and 
the police focus on social crimes rather than spending huge resources on 
minor electronic fraud."

Gibson added that this attitude is perfectly understandable in light of 
pressure on police time. Cyber-crime is seldom included in police 
targets and it takes a huge amount of resources.

Instead the computer industry needs to step into the breach and help 
police the internet by cutting down on the pool of available victims.

"Any one of you here would volunteer for neighbourhood watch if you 
thought it would improve your community. So why not online?" he said.

Security vendors need to make sure that products interoperate as much as 
possible, and ensure that integration is successfully implemented, 
according to Gibson.

This is proving easier than anticipated since security vendors in 
particular are very aware of the problems.

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