Israeli jailed for Facebook photo

Israeli jailed for Facebook photo
Israeli jailed for Facebook photo 

BBC News
23 April 2008

Israel has sentenced a soldier to 19 days in jail for uploading a 
photograph taken on his military base to the social networking website, 

The Israeli military declined to comment on the nature of the image, but 
said the soldier was serving with an elite intelligence unit.

Local media say it is the first such conviction for an Israeli soldier.

The case follows widespread reports about the potential security risk of 
soldiers posting photos on the web.

The Israel Air Force has recently instructed all servicemen under their 
command who are serving in sensitive units to remove any photos they may 
have uploaded to Facebook, the Haaretz newspaper reports.

These rules do not apply to member of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF).

A spokesman told Haaretz the IDF would take measures to educate soldiers 
about the dangers inherent in the "careless civilian use of the 


The defence ministry launched an inquiry earlier this year to check the 
potential security risk in the dozens of social networking groups 
dedicated to life in the Israeli military.

The review has found that some troops had posted detailed pictures of 
air bases, operations rooms and submarines.

The BBC's Martin Asser says militants in Lebanon and the Palestinian 
territories are believed to monitor Israeli web forums and communities, 
including Facebook and the photo sharing site Flickr, to get 

He says some personnel are authorised to post pictures, but only after 
vetting by military censors.

The defence ministry told the BBC military tribunals have investigated 
and disciplined about 100 soldiers who broke the rules and unwittingly 
helped the enemy this year.

Our correspondent says the worst offenders were punished with a month in 
jail, while others were warned they would face similar punishment if 
they re-offended.

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