Re: Infosec: Security pros 'ignoring' their own message

Re: Infosec: Security pros 'ignoring' their own message
Re: Infosec: Security pros 'ignoring' their own message

Forwarded from: Travis Good 

I'm troubled at the use of the term "security pros" in this article as 
their "security pros" are security companies' sales and maketing folks, 
who generally care little about security itself, but enjoy the paychecks 
that selling it provides. If Kensington wasn't using this as marketing 
for their laptop cables, they could point out that the sales folks are 
also using the conference wireless and plaintext protocols to log into 
work assets. I wonder how many Kenington employees actually use their 
own security devices. I'll bet the number is far lower than they would 

I'd have to say that calling sales and marketing exhibitors "security 
pros" isnt quite as much of a stretch as calling someone who works in a 
gas station an "oil field expert", but at the end of the day, they both 
are doing sales of an something they personally have very little to do 

There are lies, damn lies, statistics, and marketing.

On Thu, 24 Apr 2008, InfoSec News wrote:

> By Ian Williams at Infosec Europe 2008
> 23 April 2008
> Security professionals at Infosec Europe 2008 are ignoring their own 
> message and leaving laptops lying around without locking them down 
> securely.
> Microsoft's latest security report highlighted that lost equipment now 
> accounts for over half of all security problems.
> But physical security firm Kensington took a stroll around the show 
> and found that only 61 of 315 laptops on exhibitors' stands were 
> locked down.
> The spot check suggests that, although many exhibitors had locked down 
> their monitors, the majority relied on staff to monitor laptop safety.
> This is a nearly impossible task, according to Kensington, considering 
> the thousands of visitors passing through the venue.


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