Black Hat-USA 2008, The Forbidden Sneak Peek

Black Hat-USA 2008, The Forbidden Sneak Peek
Black Hat-USA 2008, The Forbidden Sneak Peek

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Black Hat-USA 2008, The Forbidden Sneak Peek

Please join Black Hat Founder and Director Jeff Moss and several of this
year's USA speakers for our very first Black Hat Webcast!

Date: June 26, 2008  Time: 1:00 pm PT/4pm ET
Duration: 60 minutes
A Complimentary Webcast, sponsored by Black Hat
Register now at no charge at 

We plan for this Webcast to be the first in a year-round series of online
presentations that allow our speakers to present breaking research between
shows and provide the Black Hat community with another stream of fresh,
relevant, and usable security knowledge.

During this inaugural Webcast, Jeff Moss will provide an overview of
prevailing security trends and technologies and will be joined by several of
the world's leading security minds who will each provide a brief preview of
the topics they will be presenting at the Black Hat Briefings & Trainings in
August. Here's a small glimpse into the future:

Topic: Malware Detection through Network Flow Analysis
Presenter: Bruce Potter, Founder, Shmoo Group.
Mr. Potter has co-authored several books including "802.11 Security" and
"Mastering FreeBSD and OpenBSD Security" published by O'Reilly and "Mac OS X
Security" by New Riders.

Topic: Nmap - Scanning the Internet
Presenter: Fyodor Vaskovich, founding member of the Honeynet projectand
co-author of the books "Know Your Enemy: Honeynets" and "Stealing the
Network: How to Own a Continent"

Topic: Satan is on My Friends List - Attacking Social Networks
Presenters: Shawn Moyer, CISO of Agura Digital Security and Nathan Hamiel,
Senior Consultant for Idea Information Security and founder of the Hexagon
Security Group.

To register, please go to 
and sign up for free.

To learn more about the topics we're covering you can go to 

In further USA 2008 news, we've completed speaker selection. 2008 is the
first year that Black Hat delegates participated in the speaker selection
process and we're very pleased with the results. You can check out the
schedule at: 
Please keep in mind that the times are subject to some shuffling as the
event draws near. Keep an eye on the schedule page as the time comes to plan
your Briefings schedule!

If you're interested in another way to keep tabs on Black Hat events and
information as the event draws near, you can sign up to our Twitter feed at: 
We'll keep that feed full of updates and information about the show, with
future live tweet sessions and tips for enjoying your stay in Vegas beyond
the conference.

As always, 

We look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas,
Jeff Moss

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