AT&T Launches Encryption Services to Help Businesses Secure E-Mail and Data

AT&T Launches Encryption Services to Help Businesses Secure E-Mail and Data
AT&T Launches Encryption Services to Help Businesses Secure E-Mail and Data 

AT&T Launches Encryption Services to Help Businesses Secure E-Mail and 

AT&T Expands Managed Security Services Portfolio

San Antonio, Texas, June 3, 2008

AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) has announced the availability of managed security 
services that help businesses better protect their data - AT&T 
Encryption Services SM. This offer is designed to help protect companies 
from data loss and leakage while also addressing regulatory-compliance 
concerns, the non-repudiation of data and privacy issues.

AT&T Encryption Services, the most recent addition to AT&T's enterprise 
security portfolio, is focused on the protection of information by 
providing encryption services and management of digital signatures "in 
the cloud."

Some of the capabilities of AT&T Encryption Services include e-mail 
confidentiality to help prevent unauthorized parties from accessing 
critical messages and attachments, authentication of the e-mail sender, 
as well as non-repudiation: a validation of the integrity of the e-mail 
message and its contents that ensures the recipient that the message was 
not modified.

The AT&T Encryption Services portfolio has additional features 

    * Encrypted Mail: Developed to encrypt e-mail messages and 
      attachments on the personal computer, this offer supports Outlook, 
      Lotus Notes, Outlook Express, BlackBerry and Webmail.

    * Encrypted Mail Gateway: An enterprise policy-management filter 
      transparently determines whether e-mail should be encrypted. It 
      features industry-trusted encryption standards such as PKI, X.509 
      and S/MIME and includes a message-pickup center for 

    * Encrypted Mail Exchange: This enables businesses to establish 
      groups within a message-exchange platform, which provides full 
      encryption services for e-mail and e-mail attachments. This is 
      designed for organizations that need to secure messaging for 
      distinct groups within the organization, such as human resources 
      and accounting. It features audit trail reports and compliance 
      with Industry Auditing Rules and Regulations.

    * Encrypted Documents: This feature establishes the secure exchange 
      of sensitive information between an individual and a user group by 
      encrypting folder or network drives and all of the data contained 
      within them. The Encrypted Documents feature reduces internal data 
      leakage and theft of confidential data, as well as provides 
      compliance with industry regulations when handling confidential 

    * Encrypted Document Delivery: This offer provides the functionality 
      to replace regular postal communications used for statements, 
      invoices and notices with secure, signed and trusted e-mail 
      messages and statement notifications. This is an end-to-end signed 
      and encrypted document-delivery application that allows 
      organizations to reduce operational costs and safeguard their 
      client identities from statement theft and password interception.

"Data protection and loss prevention is becoming increasingly critical 
for businesses of all sizes with data breaches costing organizations 
more and more each year," said S. Dale McHenry, vice president, 
Enterprise Network Services, AT&T. "AT&T's managed security services 
provide businesses with the tools and resources that they need to 
securely handle their data, helping to enforce data privacy and save 
money with the electronic transfer of documents."

AT&T's managed security services portfolio is centered on the principles 
of delivering and leading the market with in-the-cloud security 
solutions to help enterprises reduce costs and remove the dependency on 
hardware and software. AT&T's strategy for security is to provide a 
"defense in depth" approach to security, with features built into the 
various network layers, applications and supporting processes.

AT&T Security and Business Continuity Services deliver a suite of 
solutions to help assess vulnerabilities, protect infrastructure, detect 
attacks, respond to suspicious activities and events and design 
enterprise networking environments for nonstop operations. More 
information on AT&T security offerings can be found at 

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