4 admit hacking games websites

4 admit hacking games websites
4 admit hacking games websites 

People's Daily Online
June 19, 2008

Four employees of a Shanghai-based Internet security company appeared 
before a Beijing court on Tuesday accused of attacking the website of an 
online games operator.

At the hearing at Haidian district court, Luo Chun, general manager of 
the Shanghai Share Security Network Technology Co Ltd, and three of his 
employees, were said to have launched attacks on several online games 
operators in Beijing.

They flooded targeted websites with various requests thereby crashing 
their systems. They then asked the websites to buy their firewall 

Li Yichao, the 19-year-old deputy general manager and a computer expert, 
was accused of being the main person responsible for the attacks. He was 
under the instructions of Luo.

Although he is a teenager with a junior high school education, Li is a 
"real genius" on web hacking, the Beijing Morning Post quoted Luo as 

On April 26 last year they launched a one-month attack on the servers of 
Ourgame, a major online games operator in Beijing.

Li then contacted Ourgame to sell firewall products. The company 
received a testing fee of more than 30,000 yuan ($4,360).

However, Ourgame refused to buy or rent any of the Shanghai company's 
products, opting instead to spend more than 1 million yuan to hire 
foreign experts to solve their problems.

Ourgame informed the police that its servers were being attacked. Police 
investigations discovered the servers were being attacked from Shanghai 
and that Shanghai Share Security Network was responsible.

All the accused admitted the offense, and sentence will be passed within 
a month.

"I was attracted by the quick money and got carried away. I applied my 
talents in the wrong way," Li told Beijing Morning Post.

In the future, he will apply his skills only to legal things, he said.

Insiders said that in the past year the number of computer hackers had 
been on the rise.

The Ministry of Public Security said that from 2002 to last year, 12,521 
cases of computer hacking has been detected.

One involved the "panda burning incense case" which infected a number of 
computers last year. The accused, Li Jun, was sentenced to four years in 
prison last September.

Hu Junfeng, general manager of the, an online games website, 
said the site was attacked on numerous occasions.

"To avoid being attacked, we spent almost 500,000 yuan installing 
protective devices," he told China Daily.

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