Engineer jailed for theft of U.S. secrets

Engineer jailed for theft of U.S. secrets
Engineer jailed for theft of U.S. secrets 

By Peter Cheney
The Globe and Mail
June 19, 2008

The jaws of the trap snapped shut in December of 2004, when Xiadong 
Sheldon Meng arrived at the Orlando airport with a Dell Inspiron laptop 
and a portable hard drive.

Mr. Meng, who held Canadian citizenship and had two degrees from McGill 
University, had just arrived in the United States from China to attend 
an event that only a computer geek could love: the Interservice Industry 
Training, Simulation and Education Conference.

Unknown to Mr. Meng, he was also delivering himself into the hands of 
the FBI, who had spent months on a high-tech investigation that led from 
California to China. And now the FBI had the smoking gun: On Mr. Meng's 
laptop and hard drive were thousands of files that officers said proved 
he had stolen advanced military technology from his former U.S. employer 
and taken them to China, the world's newest superpower.

Yesterday, a California judge sentenced Mr. Meng to two years in prison, 
closing a case that has served as the first test of the United States's 
new federal Economic Espionage Act.


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