Open Source Data Recovery Tools To The Rescue

Open Source Data Recovery Tools To The Rescue
Open Source Data Recovery Tools To The Rescue 8403254 

By Serdar Yegulalp
June 24, 2008 

At some point, it hits all of us. One day you're chugging merrily along, 
and then you're staring at a machine that won't boot -- a machine that 
just happens to contain everything of importance to you. While some 
degree of disaster is inevitable, it's how you cope with it that counts.

While computers and file systems get more robust with each passing year, 
there's always going to be room for disaster recovery techniques. With 
open source solutions to help you recover from such messes, you're not 
tied to a proprietary product's costs or licensing agreements, and if 
you're so inclined you can rework the source code to meet your own 

I'm going to explore various ways you can use open source solutions to 
recover data, bring dead systems back to life, and save your bacon in 
general. Many of the solutions described here run cross-platform 
(Lin/Win/Mac), but some of them are *NIX-only and will be described as 

Disaster Scenarios

No two data disasters unfold in quite the same way. To that end, you'll 
want to take the appropriate recovery action depending on what went 


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