Almost half of malicious sites tied to 10 networks

Almost half of malicious sites tied to 10 networks
Almost half of malicious sites tied to 10 networks 

By Dan Goodin in San Francisco
The Register
24th June 2008

Almost half the websites pushing malware are hosted by just 10 networks, 
according to a new report that adds new support to the growing argument 
that a relatively few number of actors are responsible for most of the 
net-based threats.

The report (PDF) from also showed a dramatic rise in 
China's role in the malware epidemic. Six of the 10 networks were 
internet service providers or backbone providers based in China and 
hosted more than 41 percent of the malicious websites.

Not that US companies weren't also contributing to the problem. Three 
American companies also made the list, including Google, whose blogs 
hosted 4,261 sites, or about 2 percent of the booby-trapped 

The findings come a few weeks after anti-spam outfit Knujon released a 
separate report that found that almost 75 percent of spam sites were 
signed up by just 10 registrars. Once again, the three biggest offenders 
were located in China and included Xinnet Bei Gong Da Software, 
BEIJINGNN and Todaynic.


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