AFCYBER headquarters staff to operate virtually

AFCYBER headquarters staff to operate virtually
AFCYBER headquarters staff to operate virtually 

By Karen Petitt
AFCYBER (P) Public Affairs

Air Force Cyber Command officials announced their intent to spread out 
headquarters staffing among nine locations so it can meet the 45 percent 
manning requirements needed for initial operations.

"Normally, a major command headquarters will house all its staff 
functions at one place, but because the final basing decision for 
AFCYBER has not been determined, the command will operate in a virtual 
environment," said Maj. Gen. William T. Lord, the commande of the 
AFCYBER (Provisional).

He said this action will allow some personnel to be assigned to 
Barksdale Air Force Base, La. -- the interim headquarters location for 
the command -- and minimize relocation actions at the other places for 
the rest of the proposed 450-person HQ staff. Of the original 540 
positions allocated for AFCYBER HQ staffing, about 90 of those positions 
were moved to man positions in the 24th Air Force and subordinate wings.

Thus the command will assign about 240 positions and fill them during 
the summer so it can declare initial operations capability by Oct. 1. It 
is not known at this time whether the rest of the 450 authorizations 
will also be assigned to the identified locations, or to new ones after 
that date, or be on hold until the final basing location is decided.

"We'll be operating in this virtual construct until the final basing 
decisions are made, which is expected to be announced by September of 
2009. At that time the Air Force may be decide to keep AFCYBER in this 
construct, relocate all its staff to one place or perhaps a combination 
of the two," General Lord said. "What this virtual command will do for 
us is minimize environmental impacts to all involved while be able to 
move forward in building this command. The virtual construct is not 
intended to foreclose or presuppose any options for permanent basing."

During this process there are no new billets being created and there are 
no net increases in the number of people at these locations. Movements 
will result from a limited number of permanent change of sation actions, 
or, as in most cases, permanent change of assignments (same base but 
different organization) and through temporary duty assignments.

The numbers listed at the locations represent the authorizations being 
assigned as HQ staff at the time the command declares IOC.

The locations and proposed numbers for authorizations are:

Barksdale Air Force Base, La. -- 36 billets. As the current location of 
the provisional command, the interim capability for the HQ staff will 
remain there until the final basing location is established. This will 
facilitate integrations with the Air Force Network Operations Center, a 
new 608th Air Operations Center and the command structure that provides 
forces to combatant commands.

Scott AFB, Ill. -- 69. Many of the A1-manpower and personnel functions, 
as well as the A6-communications functions are currently being done by 
members assigned to the Air Force Communications Agency. Those 
authorizations will be recoded to support the headquarters functions.

Langley AFB, Va. -- 58. Billet transfers will come from both the Air 
Combat Command and Global Cyberspace Integration Center. Much of the 
A5-plans and requirements and A8-strategic plans and programs functions 
for cyberspace already occur here.

Lackland AFB, Texas -- 43. This is the location of the Air Force 
Information Operations Center and the 67th Network Warfare Wing. This 
will allow for the leveraging of the A2-intelligence and the A3-air, 
space and information operations capabilities.

Tinker AFB, Okla. -- 5. The 3rd Combat Communications Group and the 38th 
Engineering and Installation Group are located here. Along with HQ, A3 
and A6 functions, there will also be elements of A4-logistics that will 
work contracting issues for combat communications and engineering and 
installation requirements.

Davis-Monthan AFB, Ariz. -- 20. D-M houses the 55th Electronic Combat 
Group. Interim capability for the new Electronic Warfare Wing 
headquarters will be established here to leverage the preponderance of 
EW forces gained by AFCYBER.

Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio -- 13. This is where the most significant Air 
Force procurements are channeled as well as the leading Air Force 
Research and Development Center for cyberspace. The command will 
leverage its A4-logistics and A7-installations and mission-support 
functions here.

Hanscom AFB, Mass. -- 7. This is the location for major research and 
development operations as well as the program office for a large number 
of communications and cyberspace initiatives.

Griffiss ANGB (Rome Labs), N.Y. -- 2. Rome Labs currently conducts 
leading research for information operations and cyber warfare and these 
authorizations will take advantage of R&D efforts to advocate for the 
development of cyber capabilities.

Peterson AFB, Col. -- 7 (tentative). Discussions are underway for 
achieving capabilities with space-related resources.

"Again, this represents the minimum capability required to activate the 
command and gain units," said the general. "We must move forward to 
provide people the right chain of command, the right leadership and be 
able to meet the Air Force's timeline on schedule."

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