Govt may keep an eye on emails from abroad

Govt may keep an eye on emails from abroad
Govt may keep an eye on emails from abroad 

By Rajat Guha & Niranjan Bharati
The Economic Times
26 June, 2008

NEW DELHI: Worried over large-scale hacking of government websites by 
foreign-located servers, the department of information technology (DIT) 
is planning to set up a surveillance mechanism for all mails coming from 

Recently hackers have found safe havens in China and the UK for 
executing their malicious activities. US security agency, US-CERT, has 
also initiated a similar move against such web intrusions. The US 
government has accused Chinese hackers of intruding into government.s 
official documents.

In fact, in the wake of large-scale defacement of important government 
websites, the Centre has decided to make an exclusive foolproof network 
of critical infrastructure and highly-vulnerable government departments. 
This is in addition to an innovative advance- warning systems, which is 
being deployed to warn about virus attacks.

The cyber security wing of DIT would prepare the new software to issue 
advance warnings of any lurking danger on these websites. In the US, two 
Congressmen have accused China of hacking into their office computers to 
possibly compromise sensitive information on Chinese dissidents.


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