Cisco routers in hacker spotlight again

Cisco routers in hacker spotlight again
Cisco routers in hacker spotlight again 

By Robert McMillan
IDG News Service
August 06, 2008 

The Cisco hacking scene has been pretty quiet for the past three years, 
but at this week's Black Hat hacker conference in Las Vegas, there's 
going to be a little noise.

Security researchers will give talks on rootkits and new hacking and 
intrusion-detection software for the routers that carry most of the 
Internet's traffic.

Three years ago, security researcher Michael Lynn shined a spotlight on 
Cisco's products when he talked about how he ran a simple "shellcode" 
program on a router without authorization. Lynn's controversial talk was 
the biggest story at Black Hat 2005. He had to quit his day job to get 
around a company prohibition on discussing Cisco, and both he and the 
conference organizers were quickly sued by Cisco. The networking company 
argued that Lynn's presentation slides contained information that 
violated the company's intellectual property rights, and Lynn's talk was 
literally ripped out of the conference materials package.


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