Georgia accuses Russia of waging 'cyber-war'

Georgia accuses Russia of waging 'cyber-war'
Georgia accuses Russia of waging 'cyber-war' 

By Jonathan Richards
Times Online
August 11, 2008

Georgia today accused Russia of waging a parallel .cyber-war., using 
hacking techniques to block key Georgian government websites.

There was confusion as to the extent of the attacks, however, with at 
least two independent internet monitoring companies saying they had seen 
no evidence of large scale attacks on Georgian government 

Hackers using so-called 'denial of service' attacks - where websites are 
bombarded with millions of hits, causing them to crumble - had taken 
down the website of the Georgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), a 
Georgian Government spokesman said.

According to one report, hackers at one point replaced the image on the 
MFA website with one of President Saakashvili alongside Adolf Hitler.

The measures, which the spokesman insisted were the work of Russian 
hackers, had forced the MFA to set up an alternative website hosted by 
the Google-owned blogging service, Blogger, to disseminate information.


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