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Welsh government data 'missing'

Welsh government data 'missing'
Welsh government data 'missing' 

BBC News
2 January 2009

Sixteen items of lost or stolen documents from the Welsh Assembly 
Government have been recorded in the last three years, say officials.

Ten of the losses classed as "medium to low risk", including a laptop, 
took place in 2008, according to details obtained by the Conservatives.

The missing data said to be of medium risk included a briefcase of 
"various papers" left on a train.

The assembly government said it had always taken data protection 

Other information deemed medium risk, which was lost in the past year, 
included a hard copy file about a property and a personnel file 
containing a member of staff's employment history.

A personnel file lost by the HR department, business information from 
the department for economy and transport and papers belonging to the 
assembly's legal services department were also lost.


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