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Belize a new target for savy hackers

Belize a new target for savy hackers
Belize a new target for savy hackers

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By Lisbeth Ayuso
The Reporter
09 January 2009

Hacking into email accounts is common in the United States, and while 
Belize has managed to stay out of harm=E2=80=99s way over the years, hackers 
have become aware of Belize=E2=80=99s naivete and have started breaking into 
Belizean internet accounts.

The latest incident occurred this week when Hipolito Bautista, Sr., a 
teacher at the Anglican Cathedral College, realized that his email 
account had been compromised and his password changed, in effect, 
stopping him from accessing his own email account.

He was alerted to the incident on Wednesday night around 7:00 p.m. 
According to Bautista, he received a telephone call from a friend who 
told him that he had received an e-mail from Bautista, explaining that 
he (Bautista) was stranded in Africa. The e-mail explained that Bautista 
had left important documents and his wallet in a taxi and needed to 
borrow money in order to secure a ticket to Belize.

A few hours later, on Thursday, January 8, another friend received the 
same email, supposedly from Bautista, requesting a loan for US $3,500.

She too alerted Bautista of the email and Bautista explained his ordeal.

He recalled that a few days earlier he received an email from Yahoo 
explaining that their lines were congested and that they were about to 
delete his account if it was no longer active.

In order to prove that the account was in use, Bautista replied by 
entering his username and password.

Today Bautista believes the hacker used the Yahoo letter as a guise to 
obtain his username and password.


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