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TJX Maxx hacker banged up for 30 years

TJX Maxx hacker banged up for 30 years
TJX Maxx hacker banged up for 30 years 

By John E. Dunn
08 January 2009

Maksym Yastremskiy, the Ukrainian accused of being a key figure in the 
infamous TJX Maxx Wi-Fi hack of 2005, has been sentenced to 30-years in 
prison by a Turkish court.

Yastremskiy - or 'Maksik' as he was sometimes identified - was one of 11 
people eventually arrested at the request of the US Department of 
Justice, with the Ukrainian reportedly being apprehended in undignified 
fashion outside a Turkish nightclub in 2008.

Yastremskiy's part in the crime was allegedly to have purchased credit 
card numbers stolen during the huge crime, providing the gang with an 
economic hub for its activities. Other members of the gang hailed from 
Estonia, Belarus, China, and several parts of the US itself, underlining 
the global nature of modern electronic crime.

Although not the perpetrator of the hack itself, Yastremskiy would have 
been essential to its success. He is reported to have been suspected of 
being behind other crimes not related to the TJX Maxx affair.


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