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Probe led Fumo to boost security

Probe led Fumo to boost security
Probe led Fumo to boost security 

By Emilie Lounsberry and Craig R. McCoy
Inquirer Staff Writers
Jan. 8, 2009

As soon as the news broke that the FBI was investigating former State 
Sen. Vincent J. Fumo, his computer technicians stepped up security and 
became more vigilant about getting rid of his e-mails, one of the 
computer experts testified yesterday.

Testifying under a grant of immunity from prosecution, Donald Wilson 
told the jury in Fumo's federal corruption trial that he and another 
computer technician, Leonard Luchko, also used sophisticated software 
programs to permanently wipe out any traces of deleted e-mails.

Wilson said Fumo had already been concerned about computer security. 
When the Senate hired him in late 2001, Wilson said, he asked the 
senator what level of computer security was wanted.

"His response was something pertaining to the federal government," 
Wilson said. Fumo wanted a level of security that was "on par with the 
federal government," or that could "keep out" the government.

Wilson delivered his testimony as prosecutors moved to the final chapter 
of the indictment - allegations that Fumo obstructed the FBI inquiry by 
ordering his staff to destroy e-mail messages.


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