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OMB names four agencies as security LOB centers

OMB names four agencies as security LOB centers
OMB names four agencies as security LOB centers

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By Mary Mosquera
Jan 12, 2009

The Office of Management and Budget today named four agencies to provide 
services to certify and accredit computer systems to assist agencies 
across government to fulfill federal information security requirements.

As shared service centers, the agencies would aim to conduct 
certification and accreditation (C&A) activities more effectively than 
agencies currently do themselves because they will deliver the services 
across multiple agencies using best practices under the Information 
Systems Security Line of Business, said Karen Evans, OMB=E2=80=99s administrator 
for e-government and information technology, in a briefing with 

The Federal Information Security Management Act requires agencies to 
certify and accredit that their computer systems are secure or that they 
are managing risk.

The four agencies selected as shared service centers are: the Treasury 
Department=E2=80=99s Bureau of Public Debt; the Interior Department=E2=80=99s National 
Business Center; the Transportation Department=E2=80=99s Federal Aviation 
Administration Enterprise Service Center, and the Justice Department.


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