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Angie's List claims data theft

Angie's List claims data theft
Angie's List claims data theft 

By Daniel Lee
January 14, 2009

Indianapolis-based consumer rating service Angie's List is suing a rival 
startup, claiming its founder stole thousands of files from Angie's List 
Web service in an effort to start his own company.

The suit alleges that Christopher "Kit" Cody -- the founder of 
Washington, D.C.-based -- joined Angie's List as a regular 
member, then used an automated "bot" software program to harvest 
service-provider reports, ratings and other information then used for

Cody's attorney disputes the allegations.

The lawsuit raises what cyber-security experts say is one of the most 
common and costly computer security issues: Someone with legitimate 
access to a company's data misusing that information.

"We consider it industrial espionage," said Angie's List spokeswoman 
Cheryl Reed. "He came in to use technology to basically cut and paste 


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