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2009: Bad times means worse security?

2009: Bad times means worse security?
2009: Bad times means worse security?,3800017920,62050037,00.htm 

By Vivian Yeo
ZDNet Asia
January 15, 2009

Businesses in Asia that are driven by the recession to strive for 
leaner, meaner IT, need to consider how their cost-cutting impacts 
security, warn industry experts.

Even as frugality is expected of IT departments this year, the move to 
options that support cost-cutting--including software-as-a-service 
(SaaS) and cloud computing--should be assessed for risk to the business, 
said Lawrence Ong, regional business manager for security at Datacraft 

An IT risk assessment is something that businesses cannot do without 
this year, he added. "In IT security, risk management is dependent on 
the risk assessment process, which usually involves identifying threats, 
determining vulnerability to threats, the impact of threats and the 
likelihood of threats occurring."

Judy Wu, IDC's research manager for infrastructure software in the 
Asia-Pacific region, added that risk management will be a "top concern" 
for many large enterprises in the region, and such companies will adopt 
a "more disciplined" approach tapping on frameworks such as Cobit 
(Control Objectives for Information and related Technology), ISO 27001 
and ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library). A significant number will "conduct 
periodic vulnerability assessments to identify the risk level, security 
posture and ensure policy compliance", she said.

Referencing to Gartner research, Eric Hoh, Symantec's vice president for 
Asia South and head of global accounts in Asia Pacific and Japan, noted 
that cloud-based services will more than triple in many security 
segments and will "dramatically" impact the industry in 2009.


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