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Thief Steals Sony Ericsson Prototypes

Thief Steals Sony Ericsson Prototypes
Thief Steals Sony Ericsson Prototypes 

By Marin Perez
January 15, 2009

I was expecting a slow week in the mobile world following Macworld and 
CES, but we can always count on corporate espionage to spice things up. 
It looks like an employee, or someone with access to company keycards, 
made off with some prototype cell phones fromSony (NYSE: SNE) Ericsson.

According to a translated report, a 35-year-old man with a "working 
relationship" with the phone manufacturer was busted by police with 
several prototype phones and company laptops at his house. Overall, 
police estimated the man had 100 mobile phones (not all prototype) that 
were worth about $90,000.

Now the question remains: What the heck was he going to do with these 
devices? I know getting a look at what the competition is working on can 
be worth serious bucks, but I hope (and believe) that the Samsungs and 
Nokias of the world are above working with criminals of this manner. 
Perhaps he could have a buyer with a smaller company that doesn't have 
qualms producing rip-off devices -- I'm looking at you iPhone Nano 


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