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Inauguration Could Jump-Start Some Security Markets

Inauguration Could Jump-Start Some Security Markets
Inauguration Could Jump-Start Some Security Markets 

By Tim Wilson
Jan 16, 2009

Tuesday's inauguration of Barack Obama as president may usher in some 
new opportunities for the IT security industry, according to a report 
published this week.

According to a Forrester Research report on the Obama administration's 
potential influence on IT security, new initiatives from the White House 
could cause the government to shift direction on some security 
initiatives and open up new markets for some technologies.

"[Obama] has promised to make cybersecurity his top priority, declare 
cyberinfrastructure a strategic asset, and appoint a national 
cyberadvisor who will report directly to him," notes Khalid Kark, lead 
author of the report. "He also has promised to bring together 
government, industry, and academia to determine the best ways to guard 
the critical government and commercial infrastructure. If these promises 
become reality, the current cybersecurity landscape will change 
dramatically, and as a result, will offer significant opportunities to 
companies involved directly or indirectly."

Specifically, the report points to Obama's plans to strengthen federal 
leadership on cybersecurity, improve e-commerce security, make 
cybercrime less profitable, and protect personal data. Aside from the 
obvious influx of government spending, these initiatives could affect 
the industry by encouraging (or forcing) businesses to adopt more 
rigorous security plans and technologies, Kark says.


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