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Steve Jobs health hoax hits Wired

Steve Jobs health hoax hits Wired
Steve Jobs health hoax hits Wired 

By Elinor Mills
CNet News
January 22, 2009

It is a hoax, Wired reported Thursday -- an article that looks like a 
story on and that claims Apple CEO Steve Jobs has had a heart 

"A widely-circulated URL which points to an image that purports to be a story about Steve Jobs health is a hack job," said. 
"We won't provide the URL here but the Twitterverse quickly surmised 
that the item was not correct." It appears to have first been reported 
by Mashable.

Someone created a legitimate-looking Web page using Wired's public 
upload image viewer, which generates a page containing an image under a 
Wired logo banner, said. The hole has been patched, the news 
site added.

While characteristics of the fake post--such as the Wired logo, byline, 
and accompanying related stories list--make it look legitimate, the post 
is plagued with misspellings and grammatical problems.


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