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Veteran NASA hacker catcher says lay off Gary

Veteran NASA hacker catcher says lay off Gary
Veteran NASA hacker catcher says lay off Gary 

By Mark Ballard
The Inquirer
22 January 2009

BRITISH AUTHORITIES should not allow Pentagon Hacker Gary McKinnon to be 
extradited to the US unless they want him to suffer inhumane treatment, 
a retired agent who investigated hackers for the mysterious NASA Office 
of Inspector General writes in THE INQUIRER today.

Joseph Richard Gutheinz, Jr., now a practising defence lawyer and tutor, 
retired from NASA with commendations for his OIG work exposing $200 
million of frauds, leading a Federal task force of nine agencies, 
catching astronaut impersonator Jerry Whittredge, and rooting out 
smugglers of multi-million dollar rocks collected from the moon.

He's spent years bagging criminals, is a member of the Republican 
National Lawyers Association, and told the INQ that if malicious hackers 
got access to US NASA and military secrets, it could "undermine the free 

Yet he thinks Gary McKinnon should not be extradited to face hacking 
charges in the US.

Here's why:

    I am retired NASA Office of Inspector General Senior Special Agent. 
    I have seen the harm that illegal hacking has caused. I was even 
    trained by the United States Government to hack into computers to 
    understand the psyche and techniques used by hackers.


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