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Security market soars post-Mumbai attacks

Security market soars post-Mumbai attacks
Security market soars post-Mumbai attacks,39044215,62050331,00.htm 

By Swati Prasad
ZDNet Asia
January 23, 2009

INDIA -- India's IT sector has stepped up surveillance measures and 
introduced integrated security products as safety concerns rise across 
the country.

Earlier this month, Nasscom (India's trade body and chamber of commerce 
for the IT-business process outsourcing industry) sent out invites for 
the India Leadership Forum 2009, to be held in Mumbai in February. A 
note at the end of the invite said: "At Nasscom, we understand the 
security concerns that you might have following the unfortunate incident 
at Mumbai. In all our conferences, we ensure that the security measures 
are stringent and foolproof to the best of our ability."

The note went on to list out the security measures being undertaken at 
the summit.

V. Rajendran, vice president, HCL Securities, told ZDNet Asia, since the 
Mumbai attacks of Nov. 26 (26/11), "securing lives and property has 
emerged as a key concern in India". As a result, companies, hotels, 
retail chains and banks are seriously considering security products and 
services that offer enhanced security.

"After the recent terror attacks, there is growing emphasis on deploying 
technologically-enabled security systems both in the public and private 
sector," Rajendran said in an e-mail interview.

Sivarama Krishnan, executive director, PricewaterhouseCoopers told ZDNet 
Asia in a phone interview: "Post 26/11, companies and the government 
have begun to look beyond IT--at the physical infrastructure." Their 
focus is now on three key areas--security of the physical 
infrastructure, the resilience of the security system and the disaster 
recovery mechanism they have in place.

The IT industry is taking the security issue even more seriously. Raju 
Bhatnagar, vice president, Nasscom noted: "The added impetus for the IT 
sector is that it is a highly visible industry segment and very people 


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