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Hackers Lurking in Obama's Web Site

Hackers Lurking in Obama's Web Site
Hackers Lurking in Obama's Web Site 

By Robert McMillan
IDG News Service
Jan 26, 2009

U.S. President Barack Obama ran a successful Web 2.0 campaign last year. 
Now, as president, he's got to deal with a very Web 2.0 problem: hackers 
abusing the social-networking features of his Web site.

Hackers have registered bogus accounts on Obama's online community,, where they are posting images designed to set off a 
chain of events that lead to malicious Trojan horse programs. These 
programs are stepping stones used by hackers to download more and more 
malware onto a victim's computer.

The problem on Obama's Web site is not unique. Hackers and the operators 
of popular Web sites are often caught in a cat and mouse game, with the 
bad guys constantly finding a new way of uploading malicious programs 
just as soon as one avenue of attack is closed. Social-networking sites 
want to give their users as many cool ways of enhancing their own Web 
pages as possible -- lets users create their own 
blogs -- while at the same time reining in any misuse.

"The U.S. Presidential campaign has shown the world how governments can 
leverage Web 2.0," Websense wrote on a company blog outlining the issue 
Monday. "However, this ... is yet another opportunity to spread more 
malicious code."


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