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FG approves computer forensics institute for Nigeria

FG approves computer forensics institute for Nigeria
FG approves computer forensics institute for Nigeria

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By Prince Osuagwu    
Vanguard Online Edition
28 January 2009

Nigeria may soon save some had currencies usually expended in acquiring 
foreign computer forensic experts each time they were needed, as the 
Federal Government last week approved the establishment of the Computer 
Forensics Institute, Nigeria (CFIN). CFIN is a professional body to 
provide a nationally recognized and unblemished certification in the 
area of digital and computer forensics.

The approval given by the Federal Ministry of Education and the Federal 
Ministry of Justice is expected to among other things enable CFIN to 
continually conduct research and development into new and emerging 
technologies and methods in the science of digital and computer 

Announcing the approval to newsmen in Lagos, President and Chairman of 
the Certification Board of CFIN, Dr. Peter Olu Olayiwola said the 
principal certification offered by CFIN is the Chartered Computer 
Forensics Examiner. He noted that the certification was borne out of 
CFIN=E2=80=99s desire to increase the level of professionalism and advance the 
field and science of digital and computer forensics.

While explaining that the development will assist Nigeria save a lot of 
the foreign exchange that is expended in sourcing for digital and 
forensics experts from outside the country whenever their services are 
required, he assured that the CFIN Certification Board will maintain a 
fair, un-compromised process for certifying the competency of Computer 
Forensics Examiners and set high forensic and ethical standards for 
computer forensics examiners in Nigeria.

=E2=80=9CI want to tell you that CFIN is dedicated to the advancement of the 
science of digital and forensic computer examination in Nigeria and that 
we are determined to raise more than enough computer forensics experts 
to combat all forms of digital and computer-related crimes in Nigeria.


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