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New guide launched for security managers

New guide launched for security managers
New guide launched for security managers 

By Phil Muncaster
28 Jan 2009

IT certifications organisation the Information Systems Audit and Control 
Association (ISACA) today launched a guide designed to provide IT 
security chiefs with an independent framework to help manage their 
information security more effectively.

An Introduction to the Business Model for Information Security explains 
the new business model, which is independent of any particular 

The framework can be applied across all industries, countries and 
regulatory/legal systems, and covers information security, privacy, 
risk, physical security and compliance issues, according to ISACA. It 
includes advice on aligning IT security programme activities with 
organisational goals and priorities, and increasing the value of 
security activities to the enterprise.

"This is ISACA's first step in transforming the theoretical model into a 
practical tool that can be used by information security practitioners to 
unify security initiatives with the business mission," said Kent 
Anderson, a member of ISACA's Security Management Committee.


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