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Supt. Weis vows action in teen fake-cop case

Supt. Weis vows action in teen fake-cop case
Supt. Weis vows action in teen fake-cop case,cop-impersonate-secret-service-weis-012909.article 

Crime Reporter 
Chicago Sun Times
January 29, 2009

The U.S. Secret Service will review the Chicago Police Department's 
security procedures following an embarrassing breach by a 5-foot-3 
14-year-old who got away with impersonating an officer for a day last 
weekend, Police Supt. Jody Weis said today.

"We had a security breach," Weis said. "We had complacency" We're trying 
to make sure this doesn't ever happen again."

Weis, who called a news conference to discuss the incident, said the 
department is conducting its own investigation. But he would not discuss 
details of how an eighth-grader identified by his mother as Vincent 
Richardson was able to pose for a day as a Chicago police officer on 
Saturday and ride along with an officer in a squad car.

If the probe identifies any misconduct or "inattention to duty" by 
anyone in the department, Weis said, "That person will be punished."

Weis said the security breach was especially disturbing to him because, 
in November 1994, in Washington, D.C., he knew two FBI agents who were 
killed by a gunman who was able to enter a police station and kill them 
along with a detective.

"That's why it's so serious," he said.


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