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Security tightened after hack into city's Web site

Security tightened after hack into city's Web site
Security tightened after hack into city's Web site

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The Gazette
February 03. 2009

CEDAR RAPIDS - Information Technology employees are attempting to track 
a hacker who defaced the city's Web site Saturday night, but the 
investigation will likely lead to a number, not a name.

"It's a difficult process," Cedar Rapids spokeswoman Cassie Willis said.

"If (the hackers are) sophisticated enough to hack into a Web site, 
they're sophisticated enough to cover their tracks."

The site www.cedar- was hacked at 11:19 p.m. Saturday. The 
defacement wasn't permanent, but 20 pages connected to the home page 
were replaced by a page bearing the legend "HACK IS NOT A CRIME IS 

The slogan was accompanied by user names of the "linuXploit crew." Bill 
Carr, Information Technology director, said Sunday that it appeared the 
hackers didn't breach other operations in the city's network.

The pages has since been restored.

Cedar Rapids police Sgt. Cristy Hamblin said the person or people 
responsible could be charged with unauthorized access to a computer =E2=80=94 an 
aggravated misdemeanor. If they're not in Iowa, they would face federal 


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