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The great hacker opens up

The great hacker opens up
The great hacker opens up 

By Pratima Harigunani 
CyberMedia News
February 03, 2009

He has performed network security assessments for some of the world's 
largest corporations, including all facets of critical infrastructure, 
with work spanning 22 countries across four continents. He has also 
worked with US Federal law enforcement agencies on some of America's 
most notorious computer crime cases.

Co-author of books like 'Implementing Internet Security', 'Internet 
Security Professional Reference', and 'The Complete Internet Business 
Toolkit', he is now Vice President, Technology, Patch Advisor. Meet 
Chris Goggans, as Pratima Harigunani of CyberMedia Newsspeaks to him and 
finds out his views on current Cybercrime and terror issues.

How dangerous is Cyber-terrorism?

I hate that term. It is either terrorism or not. Cyber-terrorism is a 
misnomer. How does it matter whether one plans an attack on paper, on 
phone or on email? But yes, there is the factor of force-multiplier, 
specially in country related attacks. This relates to the ability of the 
first responder to deal with the aftermath.

Computer-based attacks against soft pieces of infrastructures like 
financial or Telecom organizations can cause greater chaos in times of 
emergency. I don't want to lessen the significance of the word 
'terrorist' by associating it with things that don't impact human lives.

But who do you call a terrorist? In case of information warfare from 
China to US, the penetration of government networks could be feat for 
someone, could be disaster for someone. A Chinese would look at it 
differently and a US citizen would look at it differently. Can we call 
them a terrorist?


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