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Security Geeks: From Isolation to Rock Stars

Security Geeks: From Isolation to Rock Stars
Security Geeks: From Isolation to Rock Stars 

By Bill Brenner
Senior Editor
February 07, 2009

WASHINGTON D.C. -- Security practitioners used to be seen as 
propeller-hat wearing introverts hunched over computers in dark, cold 
basements for weeks on end, shunning daylight and anyone who tried to 
start a conversation with them. But times have changed.

Thanks to the blogosphere, social networking sites and podcasting made 
easy, many security pros are taking on a much more public persona, 
becoming near-rock stars. Evidence of this can be seen in abundance at 
the ShmooCon 2009 security gathering in the nation's capital this 

One example was a Friday lunch gathering of the Security Twits -- a 
growing group of security pros who communicate with each other and the 
rest of the world via the Twitter micro blogging site. Another example 
was an evening meet-up of security podcasters.

True, many security pros still prefer the quiet, isolated life. It's 
also true that the introvert tag was never a fair fit for many people. 
But several conference attendees acknowledged theirs has become a much 
more public profession. It's a necessity, they say. To truly improve 
security, people need to be out there communicating the threats computer 
users face and how to take the proper defenses.


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