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Why Was Hana Vulnerable to Hacking?

Why Was Hana Vulnerable to Hacking?
Why Was Hana Vulnerable to Hacking? 

By Kim Tong-hyung
Staff Reporter
The Korea Times

Security loopholes at online banking sites are leaving customers' 
accounts vulnerable to electronic heists, experts said.

The criticism comes after a 38-year-old woman had 21 million won (about 
$15,000) stolen from her Hana Bank account by what the police believes 
was an international gang of hackers who breached her computer.

The incident serves as the most recent indication that assessing the 
safety of one's bank accounts online has become difficult, security 
officials say, with the advancement in spy software and other computer 
technology posing further threats.

Hackers in the most recent attack had no trouble in beating the dual 
protection system of public key cryptography and individual code 
numbering, which banks entirely rely on to protect transmissions on the 

``Local banks spent heavily to increase the protection of their computer 
networks in the past, and the level of security for their servers and 
storage databases is actually impressive,'' said an official from 
AhnLab, a security software developer.


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