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Intelligence community assesses cyber threat

Intelligence community assesses cyber threat
Intelligence community assesses cyber threat 

By Ben Bain
Feb 13, 2009

This year's annual threat assessment from the Director of National 
Intelligence (DNI) found that malicious cyber activity grew more 
sophisticated, targeted and serious during the past year and that trend 
is expected to continue during the next year. The assessment also said 
the intelligence community expects disruptive cyber activities to be 
part of future political or military conflicts.

The unclassified findings of the assessment were presented by DNI Dennis 
Blair before the Senate Select Intelligence Committee Feb. 12. Blair's 
predecessor, Mike McConnell, presented cited a similar trend regarding 
cyber threats in the 2008 annual report.

The release of this year's assessment came days after the Obama 
administration said it will conduct a full-scale review of the 
government's cybersecurity efforts. That review will include a look at 
the multiyear, multibillion-dollar Comprehensive National Cybersecurity 
Initiative (CNCI) that started in January 2008.

The report said threats to the information networks of the United States 
come from nation-states, criminals and terrorist groups have expressed a 
desire to use cyber means to target the United States. 


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