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Schneier slams BitArmor guarantee

Schneier slams BitArmor guarantee
Schneier slams BitArmor guarantee

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By Iain Thomson in San Francisco
17 Feb 2009

Security guru Bruce Schneier has called a money-back guarantee by 
encryption vendor BitArmor a =E2=80=98PR gimmick=E2=80=99.

In January BitArmor announced a =E2=80=98No-Breach Guarantee=E2=80=99 on its DataControl 
data encryption package. If users purchased a three-year contract, 
platinum-level support, and maintained updates within 90 days of their 
release and still suffered a data breach then they could claim their 
money back from the company.

However, an examination of the fine print also revealed that the user 
would have to publically acknowledge their data breach and the refund 
would only be on the package itself, and that payout would be pro-rated 
against the length of the contract.

Schneier commented on the offer in his monthly Crypto-gram newsletter as 
he had been referenced by the company as a supporter of such an idea. 
However, he was less than pleased with this and issued a rebuttal.

=E2=80=9CBottom line: PR gimmick, nothing more,=E2=80=9D he wrote.


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