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Accused Rogue Admin Terry Childs Makes His Case

Accused Rogue Admin Terry Childs Makes His Case
Accused Rogue Admin Terry Childs Makes His Case 

By Robert McMillan
IDG News Service
Feb 17, 2009

He's been in jail for seven months now, but former San Francisco network 
administrator Terry Childs says he's going to keep fighting to prove 
he's innocent of computer crime charges.

Childs was arrested on July 12, charged with disrupting the City of San 
Francisco's Wide Area Network during a tense standoff with management.

In his first interview since the arrest, given a week ago, Childs 
contended that he did nothing illegal while working for the city and 
argued that his actions, depicted as criminal by prosecutors, were in 
line with standard network security practices. The criminal court case 
before him prevented him from commenting in much detail on the case, but 
he outlined his defense in recently filed court documents, describing a 
tense July 9 stand-off with police and city officials.

That afternoon Childs "unwittingly" found himself in a surprise meeting 
in the city's Hall of Justice, where Childs maintained network 
facilities. At the meeting were his boss, DTIC Chief Operations Officer 
Richard Robinson, San Francisco Police Department Chief Information 
Officer Greg Yee and human resources representative Vitus Leung. On the 
phone were engineers, listening in to confirm whether the passwords he 
gave were correct.


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