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Beijing's Top Internet Spy Arrested

Beijing's Top Internet Spy Arrested
Beijing's Top Internet Spy Arrested 

By Kim Zetter 
Threat Level
February 24, 2009

The head of the internet monitoring department of Beijing's Municipal 
Public Security Bureau was arrested on suspicion of taking more than RMB 
40 million ($5.8 million) in bribes to help an anti-virus company defeat 
its competitor.

Yu Bing, whose bureau monitors e-mail and web usage in the country as 
part of China's Great Firewall surveillance system, is accused of taking 
money from Rising, an anti-virus firm, to frame an executive at its 
competitor, Micropoint Technology. A vice president of Rising has been 
arrested as well under suspicion of bribing Yu.

Yu and fellow police officers allegedly manufactured evidence against 
Micropoint Vice President Tian Yakui proving that he spread computer 
viruses and broke into a computer system to steal trade secrets. Tian 
reportedly spent 11 months in prison on the charges, and Micropoint 
encountered three years of obstacles to launch its anti-virus software. 
Tian was targeted apparently because he was a former vice president at 
Rising who left the company with Rising's former managing director to 
build Micropoint.


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