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Hackers plead guilty to broker fraud through FMCSA site

Hackers plead guilty to broker fraud through FMCSA site
Hackers plead guilty to broker fraud through FMCSA site

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By Charlie Morasch
Staff Writer
Land Line Magazine
February 26, 2009

Two Russian immigrants from Southern California have pleaded guilty to 
defrauding motor carriers out of at least $2.4 million through a 
double-brokering load scheme using the FMCSA=E2=80=99s SAFER Web site.

Nicholas Lakes, also known as Dmitry Livshits, of Glendale, CA, and 
Viacheslav Berkovich, 34, of Los Angeles, both pleaded guilty to 
computer fraud and mail fraud in U.S. district court on Feb. 23.

In early 2007, Lakes and Berkovich hacked the Federal Motor Carrier 
Safety Administration=E2=80=99s Safety and Fitness Electronic Records System, or 
SAFER, and registered their own trucking and brokerage companies under 
the names Cargoland Brokerage Inc., Progressive Trucking, Vega Trucking 
and Barkfelt Transport.

The men then changed registration information, including e-mail 
addresses and phone numbers, for other truck and brokerage companies who 
already were registered in SAFER to =E2=80=9Ccreate the impression that the 
unrelated companies were affiliated with defendants=E2=80=99 companies,=E2=80=9D the 
federal indictment states.

Later, they posed as carriers on various Internet load boards, entered 
contracts with brokers to haul advertised loads, then double-brokered 
the loads to another carrier without telling the original load broker. 
Loads were booked, delivered and payments made to the defendants, though 
payments were never made to the companies who delivered the actual 


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