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Security Breach Averted

Security Breach Averted
Security Breach Averted 

[Chicago's having a spree of police impersonations lately, the last high 
profile case back in Jan '09 with a 14-year-old on patrol for five hours, - WK] 

By Second City Cop
March 02, 2009

>From an e-mail we received, another impostor was grabbed trying to enter 
the 025th District last week. The fake cop wore combat boots, black BDU 
pants, two sergeant chevrons lapel pins and carried his own Motorola 
radio in a pocket. When challenged by an alert officer, the subject 
admitted to not being the police and was arrested.

As the City refuses to actually invest in the physical security of 
police stations, it falls on the officers to maintain vigilance who 
comes and goes into the workplace. There might be some examples being 
made shortly as to the importance of knowing who's who.

So why do we get letters like this every so often?

    * Hey SCC, just thought you'd like to know, that even after the 
      003rd Dist. fiasco and coppers being pulled off the streets and 
      out of the offices to guard broken doors, that when challenged, 
      the Area 4 CAPS lieutenant thinks she doesn't have to show ID. It 
      seems she was coming in the back door this past week and when 
      asked by a front office person for ID, she went off on the cop in 
      front of half a dozen witnesses, flashing her gun and star saying, 
      "This is my ID" and berating the cop for not knowing who she is. 
      So what's the f#$%^ing point of checking ID's if some b#$%^ of a 
      supervisor is going to put herself above the rules when a whole 
      bunch of fellow cops are about to take suspension time for not 
      checking someone's bona fides?

      (assorted profanity deleted by SCC)

If the rules are to be applied, they will be applied across the board. 
We hope that J-Fed wears his ID properly at HQ and sets an example for 
all the other people who work there. We also think he ought to expect 
the HQ security people to stop him each and every day and not be afraid 
to challenge him if his ID happens to be turned around backwards or is 
tucked behind a jacket lapel.

And hopefully, people like the Area 4 CAPS lieutenant, get the message 
that they aren't above the example J-Fed is setting for them.


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