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Visa: There is No New Data Breach

Visa: There is No New Data Breach
Visa: There is No New Data Breach 

By Linda McGlasson
Managing Editor
Bank Infosecurity
March 2, 2009

Heartland Payment Systems (HPY) may be the only "new" data breach, after 

A week after at least two banking institutions and a state banking 
association reported a new data breach that had been announced to them 
by Visa, the credit card company now is saying that its recent alerts to 
card issuers were actually part of an existing investigation and aren't 
"related to a new compromise event."

In its statement issued on Friday, Visa says it "has provided the 
affected accounts to financial institutions so they can take steps to 
protect consumers. In addition, Visa is risk-scoring all transactions in 
real-time, helping card issuers better distinguish fraud transactions 
from legitimate ones."

Visa did not name the entity that was breached - and gave no reason for 
the continued anonymity.


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