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Russian password crackers woo governments

Russian password crackers woo governments
Russian password crackers woo governments 

By Jeremy Kirk
IDG News Service
03 March 2009

Russian security vendor Elcomsoft is offering a 20 percent discount for 
law enforcement and government agencies for some of its 
password-cracking software.

Elcomsoft, based in Moscow, makes an array of products that can figure 
out the keys for encrypted documents such as Microsoft Word and Adobe 
PDF. Elcomsoft's software can also get the passwords for instant-message 
programs and Wi-Fi encryption keys, among many others.

The discount applies to customers that may already have volume or other 
price reductions applied for buying several of Elcomsoft's programs in a 
bundle. Software eligible for the discount includes the Password 
Recovery Bundle, Wireless Security Auditor, Proactive Password Auditor 
and Distributed Password Recovery products.

Elcomsoft sells its products to both to government organizations, such 
as intelligence agencies, and consumers. The US and Germany are the 
company's largest market, said Katerina Korolkova, Elcomsoft's public 
relations manager, who was manning the company's stand at the Cebit 
trade show on Wednesday.


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