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The return of L0phtCrack

The return of L0phtCrack
The return of L0phtCrack

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By Ryan Naraine
Zero Day
March 2nd, 2009

More than two years after Symantec pulled the plug on L0phtCrack, the 
venerable password cracking tool is being prepped for a return to the 

The original creators of L0phtCrack has reacquired the tool with plans 
to release a new version at next week=E2=80=99s SOURCE Boston conference.

A teaser post on the Web site mentions =E2=80=9Cnew features and 
platform support,=E2=80=9D which, according to Space Rogue, includes 64-bit 
Windows support and upgraded rainbow tables.

    * Details on potential additional new features, and pricing have not 
      yet been released but you can bet that it will be better than 


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