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White House Issues Interim Statement On Cybersecurity Review

White House Issues Interim Statement On Cybersecurity Review
White House Issues Interim Statement On Cybersecurity Review 

By Tim Wilson
Mar 04, 2009

Will the Obama administration appoint a cybersecurity czar or leave 
things status quo? Will there be a new push to protect computer systems 
that operate the country's critical infrastructure? Your guess is as 
good as ours, but a 60-day review of the situation is under way and 
scheduled to be completed in late April.

Yesterday John Brennan, assistant to the president for Homeland Security 
and counterterrorism, issued the following update on the 60-day 
cybersecurity review. It doesn't offer much new information, but it does 
suggest that the administration's online security plans may be laid out 
as soon as next month. Here's Brennan's full statement:

"In response to President Obama's direction, the National Security 
Council and Homeland Security Council are presently conducting a 60-day 
review of the plans, programs, and activities underway throughout the 
government that address our communications and information 
infrastructure (i.e., cyberspace). The purpose of the review is to 
develop a strategic framework to ensure that our initiatives in this 
area are appropriately integrated, resourced and coordinated both within 
the Executive Branch and with Congress and the private sector.

"Our nation's security and economic prosperity depend on the security, 
stability, and integrity of communications and information 
infrastructure that are largely privately-owned and globally-operated. 
Safeguarding these important interests will require balanced decision 
making that integrates and harmonizes our national and economic security 
objectives with enduring respect for the rule of law.


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