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By David Brown 
The Times
March 5, 2009

A fake British aristocrat was convicted yesterday of playing a leading 
role in an audacious attempt to carry out the world=E2=80=99s biggest bank raid.

The gang of international criminals came close to stealing =C2=A3229 million 
from a City bank by exploiting the high-tech security measures designed 
to protect money transfers. But the plot failed when a hacker into the 
system missed one set of numbers from an electronic form.

Hugh Rodley =E2=80=94 who insisted on being addressed as =E2=80=9CLord=E2=80=9D despite having 
bought his manorial title =E2=80=94 was the front man for the group, setting up 
companies and bank accounts to receive and launder the money.

Details of the =E2=80=9Cbold and sophisticated=E2=80=9D attack were untangled by the 
Serious Organised Crime Agency during a four-year investigation.

Kevin O=E2=80=99Donoghue, the head of security at Sumitomo Mitsui Banking 
Corporation, claimed that in 2004 he was forced to let two Belgian 
computer hackers into the Japanese bank=E2=80=99s City headquarters after 
threats to his family. Gilles Poelvoorde and Jan Van Osselaer installed 
spy software on executives=E2=80=99 computers that recorded their log-ins and 


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