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Security needs to be 'baked in' say experts

Security needs to be 'baked in' say experts
Security needs to be 'baked in' say experts 

By Tom Jowitt
06 March 2009

A panel of security experts agreed that security needs to thought of a 
lot earlier in the software development lifecycle, and that the IT 
industry needs to start shipping "hardened" products, especially with 
the advent of the cloud and visualisation making the location of 
sensitive data even more difficult to locate.

Speaking at Alcatel-Lucent's Dynamic Enterprise forum in Paris this 
week, a panel of experts including Wyatt Starnes, the founder and CEO of 
verification provider SignaCert, discussed how there are now thousands 
of applications out there, and that the traditional model of securing 
them via third party or add-on security packages, is now outdated.

Starnes was previously the founder and CEO Tripwire, and is a cofounder 
of RAINS (Regional Alliances for Infrastructure and Network Security). 
Also speaking on the panel was Carlos Solari, previously a senior 
executive at the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), as well Chief 
Information Officer for the Executive Office of the President (the White 
House). He is now VP of Security Solution and Strategy at 

"Clearly, the current approaches are not scalable to Web 2.0," said 
Solari. "With virtualisation, where does your data reside? We need to 
rethink the problem. After market, or bolt-on security technology is a 
failed model, as things are increasingly residing in the cloud now. A 
new approach is needed."


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