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CIA, NSA Adopting Web 2.0 Strategies

CIA, NSA Adopting Web 2.0 Strategies
CIA, NSA Adopting Web 2.0 Strategies 

By J. Nicholas Hoover
March 10, 2009

While the United States intelligence community may have gotten a lot of 
publicity for its Wikipedia-like Intellipedia Web site, agencies like 
the Central Intelligence Agency and National Security Agency are ramping 
up their use of other social and Web-inspired software as well.

Intellipedia has been a success -- with 830,000 pages, it's the crown 
jewel of the intelligence community's proof that information sharing is 
better in the wake of the 9/11 attacks -- but Michael Kennedy, director 
of enterprise solutions for the intelligence community, said the 
government can't rest on its laurels. He admits criticism that 
Intellipedia has matured, and while it remains a centerpiece, he said 
the government also needs to keep moving onto the next big thing.

"We don't know what the next great tool is going to be for the users," 
he said during a panel discussion Tuesday at the FOSE conference in 
Washington, D.C. "We just know there will be one very soon, and we want 
to be there, whatever it is."

For example, intelligence agency employees now exchange about 5 million 
daily instant messages via Jabber and IBM (NYSE: IBM) Sametime. A search 
engine based on Google technologies has indexed 92 million documents and 
handles 2 million queries every month. A new site allows employees to 
share and analyze photos and videos of events like a test last year that 
destroyed a failing satellite with a missile.


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