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D.C.'s top IT security official charged with bribery

D.C.'s top IT security official charged with bribery
D.C.'s top IT security official charged with bribery

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By Patrick Thibodeau
March 12, 2009 

WASHINGTON =E2=80=94 Federal law enforcement officials filed bribery charges 
today against the District of Columbia's acting chief security officer, 
along with a one-time D.C. government employee who owns an IT 
outsourcing company that runs offshore operations in India. Both were 
later arraigned in federal court.

What is drawing extra attention to this case is its connection to Vivek 
Kundra, the former chief technology officer for D.C. who last week was 
appointed by President Barack Obama to be the federal government's first 
official CIO.

There is nothing in the court documents from today's arraignment to 
indicate that Kundra had any knowledge of the alleged illegal activity 
that led to today's arrests. However, NBC News and other media outlets 
reported late today that Kundra is taking a leave from the federal CIO 
job until more is known about the FBI's investigation of his former 

Arrested this morning was Yusuf Acar, who currently is the District of 
Columbia's acting chief security officer; police said they found $70,000 
in cash in his Washington home. Acar's annual salary is $127,468, 
according to court documents.

The second suspect arraigned on bribery charges is Sushil Bansal, CEO 
and founder of Advanced Integrated Technologies Corp. (AITC), a 
Washington-based outsourcing vendor that has won a number of contracts 
from the district's IT department. The court documents said that from 
March 2004 to February of this year, AITC did more than $13 million 
worth of business with the D.C. government.


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