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Army database may have been breached

Army database may have been breached
Army database may have been breached 

By Doug Beizer
Mar 12, 2009

An Army database that contains personal information about nearly 1,600 
soldiers may have been penetrated by unauthorized users, Army officials 
have announced.

Soldiers who registered with, or participated in, the Army-sponsored 
Operation Tribute to Freedom program during the past five years may be 
affected by the security breach, Army officials said March 10. The 
service is notifying those soldiers about the issue through e-mail 
messages and letters.

The information that may have been breached includes the service 
members' names, e-mail messages, phone numbers, home addresses, awards 
received, ranks, gender, ethnicity, and dates the soldiers deployed and 
returned from their deployment, Army officials said.

Only information that was provided at the time of registration was 
potentially compromised, officials said. The Criminal Investigation 
Command is investigating how the password-protected, secure Web-based 
information was penetrated.


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